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I have been making sculptures for more, than 20 years. My sculptures can apper in squares of big cities or in streets of small villages. My art of sculpture is mainly portrait-art. Portraits about famous or unknown or forgotten people, writers, poets, philoshopers, historical persons, composers, all my favorite themes.

I make some plaques, full shape sculptures or animal figures as well, but always the most important driver of my art is the soul and the spirit of all of them.

I creaeted the concept of the soul-sculpture, about 12 years ago. From that time on I still keep myself on this way.

The meaning of the soul-sculpture is:

Everybody is a body-closed soul. Our body is a dense essence of our soul. One person is not a body, not a form. The form is full of spirit.

We can measure milimeters and we can try to take a silicon form of anyone's face, it will never be the real caracter. It will be an inessential, insoul form. Just a piece of material.

So, when I want to show the essence of a person, first I have to know everything about him. I have to read his books, or listen to his music or read his poems, and  experience his way of life each by each, piece by piece... slowly and patiently.

This time can be weeks, months or even years till I get mentally closer and closer on his real character.

When I have got a point of the soul, its almost all the same, in whitch age I shape the person, because the mind is immortal.

So, finally the sculptor will have an alive, and ageless soul, that is the essencial point of the meaning of the soul-art.

Of course everything comes through -as a spice-  on the soul of the artist.

Gábor Emese soul-sculptor